Our history


Fitness House is also the partner for many cultural events held in Primorsky area of the city.


The company’s growth over the years is a result of many things, including our well-trained staff, dedication to quality and continual facility improvement. We will not stop on the achieved level. But besides all this our success has been earned by placing member satisfaction above all else. Over 130000 of our members are satisfied because they get results.


Fitness House begins from its first club on Vasilievsky Island, opened on 30th of June 2007. The same year the largest sports club of St.Petersburg is opened on the Pulkovsky highway - Fitness House on Pulkovsky highway. During the first months of its functioning the club became of the most popular sports clubs of the city and so far it remains the leader in the whole chain.


Two more clubs in Frunzensky and Vyborgsky areas open their doors to the sports-fanciers. But Fitness House goes further – new market segments should be included in the customer audience of the chain.In the end of 2011 the new baby of the chain is born – Premium level sports club under Fitness House Prestige brand.

Fitness house goes on, in projects of the company is opening of 4 new Fitness House clubs and…We make it 20! two more Fitness House Prestige clubs are opened in Primorsky and Vyborgsky areas.


2010 seems especially remarkable – 7 modern sports clubs are opened in 6 areas of the city. Fitness House acquires a leading position on the quantity of operating clubs.

2010-2011 Fitness House keeps in social and sports events of St.Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast such as Day of the Athletes (2010), social event Against drugs (2011), acting as a sponsor for Miss Kirishi 2011 contest, providing with gifts the kids of the Orphan home №6 (Kolomyazhsky pr. 34).


2012 — Fitness house goes on, in projects of the company is opening of 4 new Fitness House clubs and… We make it 20!

2012 — two more Fitness House Prestige clubs are opened in Primorsky and Vyborgsky areas.

Our management

Alexey Fursov

The CEO of Fitness House Company is a famous Russian entrepreneur Alexey Fursov, the founder and CEO of Evrazia Holding.

In 2005 for the highest dynamics of business development Alexey Fursov was awaeded with a “Best Top-Manager” award (Delovoy Peterburg newspaper). In 2008, the President of Fitness House Company, Alexey Fursov, received the award for «CEO of the Year» in nomination «Breakthrough of the Year in Service».

In 2010 Alexey Fursov was included in the list of 30 most successful entrepreneurs of Saint Petersburg. «Fitness House» company set a record having opened 8 ultra modern sports clubs equipped with swimming pools and comfortable SPA zones during just one year in Saint Petersburg and Leningradskaya obl.


We are pleased to announce and cordially invite you to the main event in Russian Bodybuilding 2014, the unique championship Grand Prix Fitness House PRO.

Grand Prix Fitness House-PRO On November 1 in LENEXPO Saint-Petersburg you will see:

  • Best World Bodybuilding PRO athletes competition
  • Fitness Bikini Amateur in 3 categories
  • Total Prize Fund is 75 000$!

Bodybuilding PRO

1st place -25 000$+ qualification for Mr.Olimpia 2015
2nd place - 15 000$
3rd place - 10 000$
4th place - 7 000$
5th place - 5 000$
6th place - 3 000$
7th place - 2 000$
8th place - 2 000$
9th place - 1 000$

Men’s Physique Overall

1st place - 40 000 rub+PRO card!
2nd place - 20 000 rub
3rd place - 15 000 rub


Fitness Bikini Overall

1st place -40 000 rub+PRO card!
2nd place - 20 000 rub
3rd place - 15 000 rub
granprix fh

Show from the best St. Petersburg choreographers

Best European sports goods, nutrition and clothing trade show

Best Russian pole-girls performance

Grand Prix Fitness House Benchpress championship

Grand Prix Fitness House Pull-ups championship

HR-department of company

Want to work in the Fitness House?

We - the largest network of clubs in St. Petersburg, proven in the market of fitness services.

Our company today - a dynamic, successful organization, which includes 38 clubs who attend 170,000 people. Collective network Fitness House has more than 2,500 professionals.

Benefits of Fitness House:

  • Work in a stable, reliable, large company
  • The formalization of the Labour Code
  • Training programs for employees, corporate university
  • Career prospects
  • A positive working atmosphere
  • Flexible working hours and more!

Join now!

You can send a resume to the e-mail fhcpr@yandex.ru -
we will contact you!

Already a member of our staff?

Personnel club - a program of training and development of employees who are interested in professional and career development.

Cadre members of the club are trained, enabling them to improve their professional skills and be able to qualify for higher positions in the company.

The program "Personnel Club" - the development of the company's employees!

We give you the opportunity to build a career "from scratch", to be trained and trained to go to a higher position.

How to become a member of the "HR Club"?

Requirements for applicants:

  • Willingness to develop!
  • Experience in the House of Fitness for at least 2 months on a single post.
  • Good recommendations from the head.

To participate in the program, send a request for fhcpr@yandex.ru


We're pleased to offer for training in the fitness industry. Our teachers - a leading fitness instructors with teaching experience working with sports education and excellence in sport.

Upon completion of the course shall be theoretical and practical examinations.

3 benefits of training in the corporate university GC "Fitness House":

  1. Our consultants: training by the best trainers network "Fitness House", professional athletes and practices with years of experience.
  2. Practice: preparation will take place in existing clubs network, advanced equipment and practical skills training. This will allow you to quickly adapt to working in the fitness industry.
  3. The real employment prospects: we are a direct employer and interested in ensuring that our students become successful professionals and realized themselves in the largest chain of fitness clubs.

Preparation based on a contract consulting services.

Training programs

School administrator

  • Training on "Effective Customer Service"
  • Practice: "Fundamentals Administrator sports club"
  • Certification by the results of training
  • School Manager of Commercial Department

Training "Sales in the fitness industry"

  • Practice: "Basics of Commercial Department manager of the sports club"
  • Certification by the results of training

Training workshop "Effective sales for fitness trainer"

  • Practical exercises
  • Game situations (case studies)
  • Guided discussion
  • The presentation of information relating to the provision of training, training materials

Gym instructor

  • Baseline (123 hours)
  • Refresher course in work with children and the elderly (24 hours)
  • Training Course "Adaptive physical education" (60 hours)

Instructor group programs

  • The total baseline (60 hours)
  • Classical Aerobics and Step-aerobics (25 hours)
  • Strength training (25 hours)
  • PILATES (20 hours)
  • SPINNING (25 hours)
  • Dance direction. Basic Course (20 hours)
  • Dance Academy - specialization (20 hours)

Instructor water complex

  • Course "aqua aerobics instructor. Baseline" (40 hours)
  • Course "aqua aerobics instructor. Further training" (20 hours)
  • Course "swimming instructor. Baseline" (41 hours)
  • Course "swimming instructor. Further training" (20 hours)
Start date of the training, you can check with our manager by phone: +7 (921) 859 67 62.

Advertising programmes

Fitness House - the largest in St. Petersburg, a network of sports clubs, to date, already includes 39 clubs, 37 of which are operating successfully and 2 more opening soon.

Some of our projects:

Fitness House (20 fitness club with swimming pool, 10 fitness clubs without a pool, 3 under construction)
Fitness House Prestige (3 existing club premium and one under construction)

Our advantages - your benefit:

  • large address grid clubs - Select the most convenient address for you
  • a large audience reach - the maximum awareness about your brand
  • a variety of advertising possibilities - the choice of affordable and effective advertising
  • select only necessary for you in the gym area - the exact target your potential customers
  • socially active audience - is the key to your active sales
How contact with us?
Advertising department Fitness House
Subbotina Anna

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